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V Conference of Theatrical Plastic Arts. Video scene


V Conference of Theatrical Plastic Arts. Video scene 

The Jornadas de Plástica Teatral have travelled through different scenic languages since 2014. In its fifth edition, they are dedicated to the VIDEOSCENE, a discipline already common in visual dramaturgy and contemporary stage work.

Through conferences and round tables, performances, documentary films, a research workshop and an exhibition – which can be visited during the conference -, we will be able to immerse ourselves in the transmedia language of video, in permanent transformation, which helps to evolve the possibilities of representation in the Performing Arts.

National and international professionals of recognized prestige will share their knowledge of the medium, their work and, of course, also their doubts, in a conference that can be followed in person at the Teatro Valle-Inclán, headquarters of the #Dramático in the Lavapiés district, or bystreaming   through the usual network channels of the CDN.

The conference is organised by the Centro Dramático Nacional, the Asociación de Autores de Iluminación (AAI) and the Asociación de Artistas Plásticos Escénicos de España (AAPEE), in collaboration with the Asociación de Directores de Escena (ADE).

Video-scene, video-creation, video design, projection design, video direction, multimedia creation, audiovisual, projections, films… the name is the least important thing, but the number of them indicates the lack of definition of a clearly transversal discipline in the Performing Arts. As a video designer you can direct actors and actresses, create spaces, light, create sound environments, even dress characters or create them virtually. This multitude of facets, and those yet to be invented, make this discipline a great place to play, investigate, enjoy and make mistakes, testing the intrinsic resilience of the video scenarist.

These conferences currently bring together the Spanish stage associations (AAI, AAPEE, ADE) and the CDN, giving value to languages that create the current staging, where co-creation is a fundamental part of the stage work.

Throughout the program of this edition we will be able to enjoy international references who work with or with video, such as Finn Ross or Lucasz Twarkowski, but also part of the history of video in our country, such as Franc Aleu. The program of conferences is completed with Àlex Serrano (Agrupación Señor Serrano) and myself, Álvaro Luna.

Several round tables integrated by directors, researchers, performers, scenographers, costume designers, choreographers, lighting designers or video scenographers will try to deepen in the advantages and difficulties that are found in their relationship with the tool. The specific weight that video has acquired in the Performing Arts during the past year of confinement will also be addressed.

Among the parallel activities, in the El Mirlo Banco hall we will explore augmented reality, from its capacity to tell stories, with the artistic installation: Acqua Alta by Adrian M. and Claire B. And in the Francisco Nieva hall there will be an improvisation and video workshop with the Anglo-Germans from the Gob Squad collective, of which we will be able to see a sample on the last day of the conference.

The performance of the dancer and choreographer Mónica Runde or the screening of the documentary Visualist, those who see beyond, by M.Cid and P. Pantaleón, complete a varied and stimulating programme for all those interested in the Performing Arts and video on stage.

We hope that this new edition of the conference will serve as a catalyst for new projects, interests or ideas at the service of today’s society; of the difficulties, but also of the opportunities that it presents us with.

Álvaro Luna


Coordinator of the Theatrical Plastic Arts Conferences

Association of Illumination and Video Scene Authors

The conference will be broadcast on streaming through on YouTube.

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