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Ventura, Luismi (1971-2015)

Categoría: Honorary Members


Luis Miguel Ventura Used, Luismi or Ventura as most of us know him, occupies this place of honor because he dedicated his life to our world, the world of light, a world often demanding but always rewarding, to which we give a lot even if sometimes we do not return too much, a world full of hours of work, a world full of hours of work, sleepless nights, empty planes and very full suitcases, a world travelled by car, van, bus and plane with thousands of kilometres behind us, but a world full of emotions, illusions, great friends and companions who in many occasions we end up taking as someone of our own family. A good example of this is our Ventura.

He started back in 1991 on the Mecano tour, and since then he hasn’t left a stage to visit. Accompanying great national and international artists such as Mecano, Alejandro Sanz, Maná, Juanes, Miguel Bosé, Bruce Springsteen, Raphael, and a long etcetera. A technician mainly dedicated to the live music sector, through which he passed without leaving anyone indifferent. A great friend who never hesitated to accompany and reach out to those who needed it, to pass on his extensive knowledge of the technique to many of us. Famous for his endless wit for jokes, Ventura always knew how to bring a smile to our faces. A real fighter, a “warrior” of the stage, authentic “Rock” & genuine “Roll” … we miss you.

Luismi left us, surely with his beautiful and mischievous smile, on October 8, 2015 while on tour and in his much loved Mexico.

My friend, after your departure the show will go on, the stages will still stand, and the lights will still shine, but this time, a little less.

I love you.

Iván Espada (AAI)

With this posthumous tribute from the AAI we want to thank and value the work of the technicians who make possible the realization of our designs. Creating the light for a show is without a doubt a complicated task that would not be possible without the support of the technical team.