Asociación de autores de iluminación

Spradbery, John (1930-2014)

Categoría: Honorary Members

Dear John: You are for me the most coherent union of light and life. It seems to me that I am seeing your sparkling eyes, awake, like a big child, moved by beauty, excited by the new, disgusted by injustice. Embarked on projects until the end. Committed, tender, generous, combative, intelligent, artistic, humble, vital, wise, courageous in the light and in life.
Your light is part of our history and it is a privilege for this Association to give you this place of honor. You marked with your risk, the use of color and your mastery, a before and an after. You taught us, as Ginés says, to make lights from the heart?
Your magic will always be in our retinas.
Thank you master, thank you friend.

Olga García (AAI)