Asociación de autores de iluminación

González, Miguel (1959-2011)

Categoría: Honorary Members

Miguel González, those of us who knew him have a fantastic memory of this gentleman of light.

Working since he was 14 years old in a graphic arts company, Miguel studied Geography and History at the Autonomous University of Madrid, but the magic of Light brought him with us to the world of spectacular lighting. He was self-taught. A music lover, he joined forces with Miguel Ángel Camacho and Miguel Ángel Navarro to create the company UNO Diseño de iluminación.

He started with Leño, the first band he illuminated and since then his career as a lighting designer has been impeccable in fields such as dance, theatre, theme parks, as well as his most famous works with top artists such as Luz Casal, Alejandro Sanz, Los Secretos, Golpes Bajos, Rosendo, Andrés Calamaro. He left us working, one day when he was supposed to perform at the Teatro Real with Los Secretos.

Rest in Peace Miguel, you left your magic on the road, but from here your companions collect your witness, always in our memory.

Oscar Gallardo (AAI)