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Spanish Lighting Designers Association (AAI)

Lighting Spain

The Spanish Lighting Designers Association (AAI) was created in 1998 with the aim of joining forces and obtaining greater professional recognition for the figure of the Lighting Designer.

Since 2014 it incorporates professionals of the video-scene (audiovisual content creators). It represents professionals in the lighting and video design sector from Spain and other parts of the world.

Most of the associates work in the performing arts sector (theatre, opera, dance, concerts, circus, etc.), but there are also associates working in television, architecture, events, consulting, teaching, etc.

The Association wants to become an important element within the lighting and audiovisual industry in our country, so it has the participation of collaborating companies, with the intention of developing training activities and training of future lighting and videoescenistas, as well as the expansion of knowledge of active professionals.

We are creators and we handle a very special language, that of light converted into emotions. When a project comes to an end and the light has fulfilled its mission to excite and communicate, illuminators and videographers share unique sensations that are difficult to describe in words.

From the association we want to share this passion for our work and make it reach all people interested in the magic of light.


Lighting in Spain


The promotion for the professional and public recognition of the Lighting Designer / Videographer.


To bring together, encourage and promote professional relations between lighting designers: theatre, opera, dance, music, circus, architecture, interior design, events, etc.


Improve working conditions, outside the competence of trade union organisations.


To defend the cultural, professional and ethical principles of its members, ensuring its prestige.


To encourage and promote initiatives related to the work of its members.


Establish relationships and obtain collaboration agreements with other professional associations in the sector, of any nationality.


To promote research, study and research in all areas related to its members.


Organize courses, conferences, meetings, etc… for the permanent information of its members.


Establish relationships with entities, institutions, educational centres, etc… as well as with artistic, financial, commercial, administrative and political partners for the solution of artistic and technical problems in the field of lighting.


Promote the creation of a rescue fund to help illuminators who are experiencing economic problems for humanitarian reasons.


Promote professional certification for Lighting Designers.


To promote the defence of the copyright and intellectual property rights of the creators of visual arts within the Performing Arts.


To promote any initiative or activity directly or indirectly related to the aims of the Association.

Boards of Directors

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Board of Directors


Board of Directors